Through meditative evocation of emotion, Alex Watson explores the turbulence of anxiety on canvas — melding color field exploration, gestural brush work, and acrylic pours to conjure relatable chaos. Valuing process over outcome, Alex’s work organically evolves through personal layers; ones that amalgamate his experiences as a queer man, an artist, and an observer of social psychology. Finding texture in life’s absurdities, shadows, and joys, and honing an ability to express it beyond technique and medium drives him not only as an artist, but as a human.


I often have a hard time expressing myself. I have a lot of thoughts and ideas but communicating them can be difficult. There is always a fear of being misunderstood or looking stupid so I often hold back. Painting has become my release. My way of communicating my deepest thoughts and ideas. They are parts of myself that each have their own opinions and problems. They allow me to express myself freely in a way that feels productive and meditative. 

I am also a perfectionist. Abstract art has been perfect for me because it allows me to create something without worrying about the outcome. It is the act of creating that is the most fulfilling. The process has become the most important part and forces me to surrender myself to the medium. Working this way has encouraged me to learn and grow as an artist and as a person. 

I like to think of my art as a kind of organized chaos. I am interested in how colors can evoke a mood; how lines can express movement and guide your eye through the piece; I also have a fascination with repetition and pattern. All of my pieces combine these traits to create something that is deeply personal and expressive. 


VoyageATL - Thought Provokers 2018

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If you have any questions about my work, my process or any specific pieces please feel free to reach out. I would love to get to know you and I am always interested in collaboration and experimentation. 

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